About Us

Xpesa Limited provides one of the safest and secure cryptocurrency trading platforms in India with Zero trading fees

Our ethos ensures that every transaction on Xpesa is concluded smoothly by continuously striving to ensure that our customers are protected by the best legal and technical minds in the industry. We provide access to the cryptocurrency revolution with complete legal protection of our customers and partners alike.

The team at Xpesa brings together a cumulative 100 years of experience in finance, accounting, cryptography, banking, law, customer service and financial technology.

Our DNA lies in our customised payment systems and technology. We are an exchange that understands the importance and value of the protection of our customers’ assets and funds, coupled with complete transparency, impeccable customer service and ease of transaction.

Xpesa was created to facilitate an instant exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrency and vice versa. We look forward to demonstrate our promise and invite you to join the blockchain revolution.

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